Prof. Ismail Abd El-Ghafar Ismail Farag Conference Chairman
Prof. Ehab Mahmoud El Kassas Vice Conference Chairman
Prof. Akram Soliman Elselmy Head of Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. ِAhmed Hanafy
    Vice Dean of MRCC
  • Dr. Loay Abdul-Mageed
    Vice Dean of MRCC
  • Dr. Alaa M. Morsy
    Vice Dean of PTI, Head of Education Dept.
  • Dr. Raafat Gouda
    Councelor, PTI
  • Capt. Mahmoud Elsayed El Bawab
    Vice Dean Of Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute - Responsible for International Maritime Relations in the AASTMT
  • Dr. Mohie EL-Sayeh
    Dean, College of Maritime Transport & Technology (CMTT)
  • Capt. Emad Khafagi
    Dean of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Compound
  • Dr. Sahar El Barky
    Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research - Assistant Professor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department -College of International Transport and Logistics

Technical Committee:

A peer review panel consisting of academics and researchers will be selecting the best presentations from the submitted abstracts to be presented at the conference.
  • Prof. Yousry El Gamal, Professor of computer Engineering, AASTMT
  • Prof. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, Professor of International Transport and Logistics- Dean, Institute of International Transport and Logistics , AASTMT Cairo
  • Dr. Refaat Rashad, Professor of Navigational Equipment, AASTMT- President, Arab Institute of Navigation
  • Dr. Mohamed Dawood, Professor of Shipping Operation, AASTMT-Vice president , AASTMT
  • Dr. El-Senousy Balbaa, Professor of Environmental Management in Seaports, AASTMT-Vice president , AASTMT
  • Dr. Khaled EL-Sakty, Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain – Dean, College of International Transport and Logistics -Head, Transport Logistics Department , AASTMT, Cairo
  • Dr. Ahmed El Kassar, Professor of Maritime Safety and Security and Environment Protection -Dean, Marine Postgraduate Studies Institute, AASTMT
  • Prof. Wael A. Kamel, Professor of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, AASTMT
  • Prof. Mohamed El Fayoumy, Professor of Accounting, Auditing and information systems, Former Dean of the Faculty of Commerce - Alexandria University
  • Mr. Rafael Company, R&D Project Manager Expert in Environment – MSC in Environmental Sciences, Valanciaport, Spain
  • Dr. Salvador Furió, Director of Logistics and Intermodality - PhD in Industrial Engineering, Valanciaport, Spain
  • Eng. Nagy Amin, Director of Planning, Research and Studies Dept., Suez Canal Authority
  • Dr. Gihan Saleh, Dean of College of International Transport and Logistics
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